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        荊州市華遠汽車零部件制造有限公司,歡迎您! 今天是:


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        荊州市華遠汽車零部件制造有限公司,1998年經荊州市工商行政管理局批準成立,前身是荊州市球保機械廠,2004年1月1日注冊為荊州市球保汽車零部件制造有限公司,2016年改名荊州市華遠汽車零部件股份有限公司。我公司是一家專業從事汽車轉向器及轉向器零部件制造生產的廠家。 公司位于湖北省荊州市荊州經濟技術開發區岑河工業園內,占地面積40000平方米。公司經過20年的發展,擁有一支專業的設計、研發、制造團隊。公司目前員工人數180人, 其中管理人員40人,高級技術設計人員18人。擁有生產設備350臺套,專業檢測設備10臺套,其中進口先進設備60臺套。公司已通過ISO/TS16949質量管理體系認證,產品銷往全國各地。目前,公司設計制造的齒輪齒條式液壓轉向器多達100余種,機械式轉向器20余種, 另外還在研發電子助力轉向器(EPS),具有年生產銷售轉向器20萬臺套、年生產轉向器零部件400萬臺套的能力。我公司是湖北恒隆集團、湖南株洲易力達以及深圳比亞迪等國內10余家客戶的核心零部件供應商,公司總成產品同時出口中東、歐美等地,廣泛開展外貿業務。我公司生產的轉向器總成及零部件深受國內外商家及配套廠家的一致好評。


          Jingzhou Huayuan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was established under the approval of the Industrial and Commercial Administration of Jingzhou in 1998, previously named Qiubao Machinery Plant of Jingzhou. In Jan. 1, 2004, our company was registered as Qiubao Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. and in 2016 was renamed Huayuan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.. Our company is committed to professional production of steering gears and parts of steering gears. The company is located within the Cenhe Industrial Park, Jingzhou Economic &Technological Development Zone, Jingzhou, Hubei, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. After 20 years’ development, the company has owned a professional designing, R&D and manufacturing team. Presently, the company has about 180 employers, including 40 managing staff, 18 senior technical &design personnel. The company possesses 350 sets of manufacturing facilities, 10 sets of professional inspection & testing devices, among which 60 sets are advanced devices imported from abroad. The company has passed ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Accreditation and our products are sold nationwide. Currently the company has designed and manufactured as many as over 100 types of rack &pinion hydraulic steering gears, over 20 types of mechanical steering gears, besides we are developing electric power steering system (EPS). The company obtains an annual capacity of manufacturing and selling 200,000 sets of steering gears and manufacturing 4,000,000 sets of steering gear parts. Our company is a core parts supplier for Hubei Henglong Group,Hunan Zhuzhou Yilida and Shenzhen BYD. In the meantime our assembly products are exported to Mideast, Europe and America.The steering gear assemblies and parts produced by our company have received wide acclaims by customers both at home and abroad as well as auxiliary factories

          On the basis of the managing philosophy of “Scientific innovation, creditworthy operation, elaborate manufacturing and customer satisfaction”, we heartily welcome both our new and old customers to visit our company to give us instructions, negotiate for business and cooperate.


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        荊州市華遠汽車零部件制造有限公司 版權所有 荊州百捷 技術支持 備案號:鄂ICP備17025265號-1

        地址:荊州經濟技術開發區岑河農場工業園 電話:0716-8390015 傳真;0716-8390089

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